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What’s Interac Flash® or tap to pay technology and how does it work?

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Interac Flash is sometimes called contactless debit or tap to pay. You can use your chip-enabled debit card for everyday purchases in Canada from your Simplii Financial account without entering your PIN. All Simplii Financial debit cards are enabled for contactless debit transactions.

When you use a terminal that’s Interac Flash enabled, hold your card over the terminal and wait for the approval to appear on the screen, or for a beeping sound. You don’t have to insert your card or enter your PIN for purchases up to $100 (for a single transaction; or $200 cumulative) at participating merchants. Your purchase is deducted from your bank account immediately just like Interac debit purchases that use chip and PIN.

† Simplii Financial personal banking services are provided by the direct banking division of CIBC. Banking services not available in Quebec.
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